A Spring to Remember

Spring is finally in full swing and many of us are starting to remember why this season is such a wonderfully happy time of year. We can again savor the small pleasures of driving with the windows down, smelling freshly cut grass and seeing our kids trade in the puzzles for the playground. Over the years, however, we’ve learned just how quickly each season flies by. To make sure we get the most smiles out of these few short months, here’s how we’re springing into spring:

Start with a List

All busy parents know that we can sometimes spend more time talking about making plans than actually sticking to them. This year, we’re making a list! Sit down with your kids and talk about all the fun you want to have this spring. Whether it’s a big family outing to the aquarium or something as simple as picking flowers in the park, your kids will likely be full of ideas.

Bring It Outside

A big part of your spring “to-do” list will likely be set outdoors. Thanks to longer days and warmer temperatures, there is so much fun to be had outside the house. For example, you can choose a weekend night to set up a tent in the backyard. Make s’mores, gaze at the stars (if you’re lucky enough to see any), tell ghost stories and camp out all night. Spring is also a great time to bring indoor games and crafts outdoors. Do your kids love drawing? Invest in colorful sidewalk chalk and let their imaginations run wild down your block. Tie-dying white t-shirts or making simple birdfeeders are also a great way to spend an afternoon in a park or backyard. Spring is also the perfect time for short daytrips to local farms or farmers markets, depending on your location, botanical gardens and zoos. There’s really no limit for what you can do!

Do It Yourself

Spring is one of our favorite times of year to get crafty. Choose a project that celebrates the season and gives you a reason to bring it outside. For example, just like rainbows and blooming flowers, bubbles always remind us of the joys of spring. Instead of buying a bubble wand for your kids, try making your own this year. All you need is an empty water bottle, a rubber band, a sock, dish soap and food coloring. Start by carefully cutting off the bottom of the water bottle and sliding the sock over the hole. Secure the neck of the sock with the rubber band. Then, fill a small container with a mix of water, food coloring and dish soap. Dip the sock covered bottle into the soap mixture toe first and gently blow through the bottle’s neck. Your kids will be in awe of the colorful bubbles that come out!