Babysitter To Go

Many parents are hesitant to leave their kids in someone else’s care, especially on a family vacation where the people and the surroundings are unfamiliar. But there’s no need to be nervous about using a babysitter. Just follow these helpful tips, relax and have fun!

Do your research.
If you decide to use a babysitting service provided by your hotel, inquire about its practices. You can never ask too many questions. Follow up with simple research on the Internet. You can learn a lot from the World Wide Web!

Listen to ‘word of mouth.’
Friends and family give the best advice. Talk to people you trust about babysitting services they use when they are on family vacations. If you are staying with friends or family, neighborhood babysitters come in handy. Ask for a recommendation. Neighborhood babysitters are well-known, trusted by the community and inexpensive.

Interview your sitter.
Even if you only need the babysitter’s services for one night, you must feel comfortable leaving your child in her care. The only way to do that is to have a formal or informal interview. This meeting is important-ask questions, obtain a résumé, get to know the person who will be caring for your child.

Introduce your child to the babysitter.
Sometimes kids can sense what adults can’t. Observe the reaction your child has to the babysitter. Be sure your child has developed a connection with her. Ask yourself, “Do they get along? Does my child seem comfortable with this person?”

Include Instructions. Always remember:
No matter whom you leave your child with, leave rules, contact information, medical information and any special instructions. These lists will come in handy in case of an emergency, and they will put your mind at ease long enough to enjoy a wonderful evening out.