Back To School Fashion Trends For Little Ones

With the new school year under way, your children’s back to school clothing can be the perfect opportunity to teach your kids how to express themselves. As any parent knows though, your helping hand is often needed to give them a push in the right direction. To give you both some inspiration, here are our top BTS trends for the new school year.

Over All, We Love Overalls!
This year, the 90’s are back in a big way and that includes the return of a fashion favorite — overalls! While blue denim shades are always a tried and true staple, this can be a great time to get a bit adventurous with other colors like white. You can even layer a jacket on top to add some extra style points.

A Sporty Style
Another hot trend, athletic wear is quickly becoming a staple for kids across the country. While we’re not saying you should send your kids to school in kneepads, a few athletically inspired pieces like soccer shorts and track jackets can really pull a wardrobe together. For an extra fun look, you could even try a classic letterman jacket.

Graphic Tees
If there’s one clothing item kids love, it’s a good graphic t-shirt. Not only are they a great way to express their interests, but they can give a fun pop of color and playfulness to an outfit. While your kids may gravitate towards the flashiest shirt on the rack, a simpler 2-color design can provide all the fun with a dash of sophistication.

Plaid is Rad
Trendsetters aren’t the only ones rocking plaid this year, the style is now bringing the cute to our youngsters. While the classic red pattern gives a fun “lumber jack” vibe, we recommend looking to other fun shades as well like yellows, greens and even pinks. They’re perfect for layering over a simple t-shirt or as a statement piece on their own.

Denim, Denim, Denim!
If there’s one trend we’re seeing this year, it’s denim and lots of it! To keep yourself from a denim overload though, you can either choose a single item or wear two pieces of different shades. A pair of light blue jeans paired with a white t-shirt and a dark blue denim jacket will ensure your little one is the trendiest kid on the playground!