Backyard Fun for Everyone

Summer is here and your kids probably can’t wait to get away from computer screens and get outside! Are you wondering how to keep your kids entertained while staying close to home? Check out these enriching, backyard summer activities that are fun for the whole family:

Water Tag

Looking to get your kids out of the house (and out of your hair) for the afternoon? Grab some plastic water bottles, a misting sprayer, or toy water pumps from around the house. Fill them up with water and hand them out to your kids. The rules are pretty simple: anyone splashed has been tagged and is out. This is certain to have your kids running around, burning off energy and staying cool on those hot summer days!

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Turn your kids into little explorers by planning out a grand treasure hunt, all in your backyard. First, pick a treasure you know your kids will love, like treats or little toys. Then hide your treasure and plan out the clues your kids will have to solve. Keep your little ones on their toes with some tricky clues to keep the fun going.

Lawn Bowling

When it comes to backyard activities, there’s no limit to the fun you and the whole family can have. You can make your own bowling alley right in your backyard and help sharpen your kids’ coordination and aim. All you need is a few empty plastic Juicy Juice bottles (add a little water or small stones to keep your cups upright on a windy day) and a soccer or jumbo bouncy ball. Start by having everyone decorate a “bowling pin” to help them stand out. When you’re ready, set the pins up in a triangular shape and start bowling. You can use up to ten pins for the standard bowling setup or just use as many empty bottles as you have!