Budget Friendly Fun

Visit your local firehouse. Most kids have seen the occasional fire truck pass by on the road, but by taking them “behind-the-scenes,” they’ll likely view firefighting with a newfound respect and fascination! In most cases, the firefighters will let the kids touch or try on the equipment, too – so have your camera ready!

Visit your local TV or radio station. It’s best to call your local station first to find out if they offer group tours. If they do, it’s always a fascinating experience for kids to see what they’re used to watching on TV up close and in the flesh! Gaining a first-person perspective of the studio and watching a show go live will make for a day they’ll never forget!

Watch airplanes take off from your local airport. The most convenient part of this activity is that you don’t have to stand all that close to the runway to enjoy the experience. Find a safe location with an unobstructed view and have your child watch the entire process of the engine revving up, the acceleration and the inevitable lift off!

Go for an educational-themed nature walk. Take advantage of your area’s unique natural surroundings on a nice weather day. Look for a scenic path or small side road with a specific topic to observe; rocks, trees, and animals are great topics that are easy to spot and discuss. Playing tour guide, you might pick up some newfound knowledge yourself!

Attend a free class at your local library. Check to see if your neighborhood library offers any complementary summer classes. Depending on how big of a city you live in, the classes can range from story-telling hours to more hands-on crafting sessions.

Visit a classic car show near you. The cars that kids are used to seeing every day might not impress them much – but just wait until they check out what their grandparents were driving! Give them a live look at the early days of automobiles; it’s a great hands-on way to help them understand how times have changed!

Take a picnic lunch to your local park. A few basic sandwiches and drinks, paper or plastic silverware, a blanket and a basket are all you’ll need for a refreshing afternoon of good food, great company and a scenic view! And don’t forget dessert!