DIY Halloween Decorations

With Halloween right around the corner, get your kids in the spirit by dressing up your house with these silly and simple DIY Halloween decorations.

Creepy Candles:

Want to give your bathroom some spooky ambiance? Take any clear candle holder (or a clear black, purple, or orange one for extra spookiness) and super glue googly eyes to it. Want to kick it up a notch? Try wrapping and gluing gauze or toilet paper to the outside of your candle holder and add just one or two googly eyes to make mummy candles. No matter how you decorate your candle holder, we recommend you use flameless votive candles for a safe and fun Halloween. Not only will you cast some creepy shadows, but you’ll surprise your guests with an unexpected Halloween delight!

Jack-o-Lantern Smiles:

What would October be without carving pumpkins? Decorating pumpkins together as a family is a fun way to showcase your kids’ creativity. Head to your neighborhood pumpkin patch and pick out a big pumpkin for the whole family to work together carving, don’t forget some smaller ones for the kids. Once you’ve carved your family pumpkin (use child-safe carving tools for the kids), you can show off your new pumpkin on your front porch, kitchen table, or in the hallway. Not into carving? No worries! Check out some additional ways to upcycle your pumpkins and gourds this fall here.

If you can’t get down to a pumpkin patch this year don’t worry, there’s tons of fake pumpkins at any local crafting store this time of year. Pick up a big one and sit down to paint with your kids just like you would if it was real.

Spooky Spider Web:

You don’t need a lot to get some spooky, Halloween vibes in your own home. Head to any hobby store (or anywhere you trust to have a good selection of decorations) and pick up a large pack of fake spider webs and some little plastic bugs and spiders to throw in there. Enlist your kids in finding the best spots in the house to cover in spider webs–or better yet, wait till the kids go off to school to decorate. They’ll come home to a haunted house makeover!

Upcycled Decorations:

Save time and money getting ready for Halloween with DIY decorations made using Juicy Juice boxes. Check out all the cute little decorations you and your kids can make together. Why not try:

  • Vampire Bats: Don’t drive yourself batty decorating your house! You only need a few simple crafting tools and juice boxes to make your very own DIY Vampire Bats. Check out our simple, step-by-step instructions here.
  • Juice Box Mummies: A decoration so simple, your kids won’t even need their mummy’s help. Check out our guide for turning a Juicy Juice box into a mummy here.
  • Juice Box Costume: Looking for a silly, crafty costume idea that’s bound to turn heads? Why not go as a box of Juicy Juice? We’ll show you how to put together the juiciest costume for this year’s Halloween. Check out our guide here.
  • Juice Box Ghosts: Give your house a good haunting with these silly spirits made out of empty Juicy Juice boxes. Check out our ghastly guide here.
  • Monster Mash-Up: Your eyes will behold an eerily fun sight when they behold these silly monsters. Check out our guide here.