Find Time for Family Time

As any parent knows, there’s no shortage of things to keep every member of your family busy. Soccer practice, ballet, PTA meetings, not to mention household chores! It’s no wonder why so many parents wish they could spend more quality time with their family. Luckily, we’ve looked into some great ways to squeeze in more of that precious time together without disrupting your schedule.

Make Dinner a Family Affair

We’ve all heard how important it can be to spend a family dinner together, but who says that can only happen when food is on the table? We’ve found that getting the whole family into the kitchen can make cooking a joy and cleanup a breeze. Best of all, everyone gets to enjoy the rewards of their hard work afterwards. For little ones that aren’t trained chefs yet, you can assign them simpler tasks like setting the table or fetching extra ingredients from the fridge.

Winter Fun for Everyone

When snow is on the ground, don’t just send the kids outside, grab a pair of gloves! There’s nothing like enjoying the sights of some fresh snow while holding a mug of coffee or cocoa. Plus, fun with the kids gives the adults an “excuse” to hop on the sled too. After all, someone’s got to test everything out, right? Don’t forget to stake out a spot halfway down the hill with your camera to get some great action shots to enjoy later.

Get Cozied Up

After a day of outdoor fun, we all want to come home and enjoy a toasty fire or just a good snuggle under a warm blanket. While you curl up on the couch, it’s the perfect opportunity for your kids to build a pillow fort nearby. You can even show them a thing or two by helping out with the construction. To give the affair a party vibe, take turns playing DJ to showcase tunes everyone enjoys. Impromptu dance parties are, of course, highly encouraged!