Fridge Magnet Cups

“Mom, can I have a cup of juice?” “Dad, I’m thirsty.” These words, or some variation, are familiar to any parent. To keep kids happy and hydrated, pouring is certainly part of the parenting job description. However, when your kids reach an age where they can pour for themselves, but aren’t tall enough to reach the cabinet that houses cups, you can try this simple trick that lets them take over pouring duties. Not only is it simple, but it adds a wonderful burst of color to any kitchen!

  1. All you need is a few of your kids’ favorite plastic tumblers and some magnets with a peel-off adhesive on the back. Choose magnets that are large and thick enough that they do not pose a swallowing risk.


  1. Attach the magnets to one side of each cup.

Cup with dots.

  1. Once the magnets are secure, place the cups onto the fridge at a height comfortable for your kids. This way, they can take a cup and pour from a Juicy Juice® 100% juice bottle whenever they please and simply place the cup in the sink when they are done.