From the Heart

Little Acts of Love

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore what it means to show love, express care, and grow friendships. Celebrate the “month of love” by taking time to chat with your child about what it means to be a good friend and by trying some of these simple, fun “from the heart” moments to share this February 14th and throughout the year.

Have a Heart-to-Heart!

As parents or teachers, it’s to talk with your children about the meaning of Valentine’s Day. It’s fun to dote on our kids with heart-shaped gifts and store-bought greeting cards, but simple acts of kindness and homemade gifts from the heart can be even more meaningful.

Door to Your Heart

Decorate your child’s door with personalized hearts. Simply cut out paper hearts or use heart shaped sticky notes and write compliments or notes of encouragement on the door each day in February leading up to Valentine’s Day. At home, depending on your child’s age, these sentiments could be anything from “I love that you share your toys!” to “I love how you giggle!” If you’re a teacher in school, you can decorate the door of your classroom or with words of encouragement for your individual students. You can also have the kids write the heart-shaped notes about their friends each day to cover your classroom door. It will be special to see each child’s reaction to their own “heart notes”.

Rosy Outlook   

Explore your kid’s unique creativity with our Valentine’s Day Kaleidoscope. As you help your child along with each step, remind them that, just like the kaleidoscope, it’s important to look for the uniqueness in each friend that they have.

Words of Love

Making homemade Valentine’s Day cards is a great opportunity to teach your child different words that they can use to describe the qualities of what makes a good friend. For younger children, help them make a card for each friend or classmate with one word that describes that person.