Fun Activities for Quailty Family Time with the Kids

Now is the perfect time to plan some fun activities with your little ones. It will keep them busy and help promote quality family time! Here are a few creative ways to keep your crew entertained, all while staying safely close to home.

Press Flowers:
Gather flowers, grass, or dandelions from your yard and place them on a newspaper to let them dry. Then place them gently between two sheets of parchment or wax paper before pressing them between the pages of a thick telephone book or dictionary. Leave them pressed for about a week then take them out. Leave them pressed for about a week. Then take them out and frame them for some great DIY home décor!

Dance Party
Put on some kid’s music (or family friendly classics), then let your kids show off their dance moves. Challenge them to stop or twirl when you pause the music, letting them burn some energy and put their reaction times to the test. Feel free to join in too and let loose with some old-school dance moves.

Scavenger Hunt
Have some fun with a scavenger hunt. Hide toys where your little ones will be able to reach them around your house or in your yard. Don’t forget to give out plenty of hints that get them thinking!

Spring Cleaning
Show your kiddos the value of spring cleaning by enlisting their help with family-wide duties. Set goals and keep track of the ways that they help out. If needed, keep their “eyes on the prize” by enticing them with treats! This would also be a great opportunity to teach them some life skills such as sewing, the value of money or laundry.