Gather ‘Round The Table

Each year, on the fourth Thursday of November, families all over the country gather at the table to carve the turkey, pass the stuffing and tell stories of Thanksgivings past. This year, before you take your seat, don’t forget to turn the volume down on the football game and really listen to those stories – they will live on in your family’s history forever.

Here are 3 fun ways to encourage each member of the family to share a special thought, story or memory.

  1. Start a New Tradition of Sharing an Old Tradition
    Throughout the meal, choose a guest’s name out of a basket. When a person’s name is called, he or she must share a Thanksgiving tradition. Whether it’s a story about Grandma’s antique holiday napkins or little Billy’s first piece of pumpkin pie last year, each story holds special meaning that defines your family’s history.
  2. Pass the Story Spoon
    Tie a festive ribbon around a large spoon and place it on the Thanksgiving table. While family members are passing the green beans, pass the story spoon to your left. Whoever is holding the spoon must share a funny family story. This is a chance to relive special moments or even experience the past through others’ retellings.
  3. Guess Who
    Before dinner, invite your family members to write what they are thankful for on an index card. Place the cards under each place setting at the table in no particular order. After dinner, before the plates are cleared, each family member reads the index card under his or her plate, and everyone else tries to guess whose card it is.