Get Your Costumes Ready

Your kids look forward to the fun of Halloween and trick-or-treating all season long, so how can you make sure they have just as much fun this year? You throw an at-home candy hunt! Here are some easy tips to capture all the excitement of Halloween while staying at home with the whole family:

Get Your Costumes Ready

Dressing up is the best way to get kids into the Halloween spirit! Don’t have a costume yet? Don’t worry, you can whip up a quick and easy costume from stuff around the house, like a bedsheet to make a ghost or a roll of toilet paper to make a mummy. You could even pick a costume or theme to coordinate costumes as a family for extra fun. If you’re feeling especially creative, give our Juicy Juice Juice Box costume a try!

Haunt Your House

Set the mood with fun DIY decorating crafts that will keep your little monsters busy. Let your kids show off their creativity and Halloween spirit by making frightfully fun decors to dangle and display around the house. They can choose from our Monster Mash-up “monsterpieces,” Spooky Juice Box Ghosts and friendly Vampire Bats.

Hide Your Treats

Stock up on your kids’ favorite candies, or whip up some homemade treats, and stuff them into glow-in-the-dark eggs. Make sure to hide them in places that are easy for kids to find, but not too easy. Want to add a little extra challenge? Give your little ones clues or even a treasure map that helps lead them on an eerie egg hunt.

Keep the Fun Going

Don’t let the fun stop once they’ve found all the treats. Once your family has found all the goodies and they’re enjoying them, have a family Halloween party. You can plan a spread of spellbinding snacks and watch your family’s favorite scary (or silly!) Halloween movie. It’ll be the perfect way to finish a Halloween at home!