Having a Happy and Healthy New Year

Having a Happy and Healthy New Year

It’s a new year! This is the time of year for renewals and resolutions. It’s the perfect time to help our kids set new healthy routines. A few simple tricks can help prepare kids for a happy and well-balanced life.

Keep an eye on the dinner table

As parents, one of the most important lessons we can teach our kids is how to eat healthily. Everything from food choices to the rate of consumption is important. Having family meals is a great way to ensure our little ones are on the right track.

We can keep an eye on how they eat, what they like, and encourage them to make the right choices.

Variety is the spice of life

Try serving a dish with a wide variety of colorful vegetables. Make it a game, like getting everyone to eat something that’s purple or green or yellow. Differently colored foods provide different nutrients.

Seeing is believing

Seeing us eat the same foods they are eating can make the foods less intimidating, and it also sets a good example. Talking about why they’re good for us as well as why other foods aren’t so good will educate them when making their own choices. Plus, interacting during dinner is a great way to bond!

Get them moving

Besides a healthy diet, kids should also get at least an hour of physical activity a day. Working this into their new routine won’t be hard. Set time aside every day, in the morning or after school, for something new and fun to do. Get out of bed and have a dance party. Come home from school and kick a ball. Even simple things like walking the dog are a good way to get moving.

Remember, with both food and physical activities, it’s important to provide variety and encouragement. Making different meals will open them up to a world of healthy foods. Switching up their activities will make every day fun, and get our little ones excited for their next workout. If we can keep up their excitement throughout the year, we’ve done our jobs.