Hosting a Juicy Tie-Dye Party!

Now that the sun is shining bright and the days seem longer than ever, it is the perfect time to spend an afternoon outside with your kids. If you’ve exhausted the summer staples like barbecues, pool outings and picnics, consider throwing your very own tie-dye party with schoolmates or neighbors! Unique, inexpensive and simple enough that you can throw together all the components at the very last minute, a tie-dye party is sure to capture your little one’s imagination. Read below to find out how you can create hours of summer fun with just a few craft goods.


In order to throw your own groovy party, you’ll need to round up just a few supplies. While most craft stores carry tie-dye kits, it’s more affordable to purchase the essentials separately. You’ll need enough latex gloves for all party-goers (kids and parents), rubber bands, fabric dye in a variety of colors and large plastic tubs. Make sure to either request that everyone attending brings any white items that they want to dye or to pick up a few packages of plain white t-shirts.


Whether it’s your backyard or a public outdoor space, make sure to prepare the designated dye zone by covering the ground with a disposable plastic tablecloth or some deconstructed garbage bags. Add a few sheets of newspaper in order to absorb any spills. Be sure to make plenty of paper towels accessible as well as a large bowl of hot soapy water so participants can wash their hands.

Tie-Dye Time!

Make sure to dye at the start of the party since all of the transformed goods will take an hour or so to fully change colors. After writing each guest’s initials into their shirt using a permanent marker, demonstrate to the kids how to create patterns. This is done by twisting and tying knots in the fabric in any direction you choose and securing their shapes with rubber bands. Follow the package instructions to mix the dyes, using separate plastic buckets to house each color. Selectively dip your shirts into the dyes or submerge them entirely using a spoon, starting with the lightest color first. Allow the fabric to soak for approximately four to ten minutes, depending on the color intensity desired. Afterwards, remove the shirts and rinse them under cool water, continuing until the water begins to run clear. Carefully remove the rubber bands and set the shirts to dry by hanging them on a clothesline or popping them in the dryer set on low.

Clean Up

One of the great things about throwing a tie-dye party is that clean up is a breeze: just gather all the newspaper and plastic and throw it away! While your technicolored wares dry, continue the festivities by passing out some snacks and, of course, Juicy Juice™ juice boxes!