Keeping Everyone Happy with Summer Fun for All Ages!

The secret to making sure everyone is happy during family outings this summer is by choosing the right activity for all ages. We all have a wide range of ages at home during the summer break, and it can be challenging to choose an activity that is not too strenuous for the grandparents but will still keep the little ones entertained. So how exactly do you find the right outing? We have five suggestions below that the whole family will be happy about. Ready for an adventure? Don’t leave anyone out on the summer fun!

Get into Nature: Pack a Picnic
Dust off your picnic baskets, fill them with delicious sandwiches and Juicy Juice, and head to your nearby park! Select a scenic spot and embrace nature with the entire family. Picnics are a summer staple outing that the whole family should have at least once or twice! It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the beautiful summer .

Backyard Bonus: Host a Family Talent Show
Consider hosting an outdoor family talent show! Your backyard can make for the perfect setting for summer fun. Gather up the family and encourage them to choreograph a 5-minute show (singing, performing a skit, or dancing). Collaboration is highly encouraged. Imagine how amazing the show would be if the whole family played a role in the performance! Don’t be afraid to invite some of your neighbors to enjoy the show as well!

Castles in the Sand: Head to the Beach
With shovels and buckets in tow, head to your local beach with the family. There’s no limit to the amount of fun the family can have at the beach.

Little Moments but Big Memories: Take a walk
Celebrate the magic in the simplicity of taking a walk with the whole family. It’s the perfect opportunity for the little ones to share their summer goals and for parents/grandparents to offer their advice and share stories. Sometimes it’s the little things like summer walks that make for quality family time.

At the Movies: Outdoor Movie Night
With an outdoor projector screen, a sound system and some popcorn, you can add to the movie experience by planning a film screening in your backyard! Create lasting memories that the little ones won’t forget and everyone else will enjoy. Encourage the family to write down their favorite movie on a piece of paper, fold it up and place it into a jar, shake it up and pick one!