Keeping Kids Safe from Insects

Whether it’s a backyard wiffle ball game, a picnic in the park, or a lovely evening around a fire pit, there’s nothing like watching your kids take in the outdoors. There’s just one problem — bugs. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect solutions to help keep your kids bite free all summer long.

For Supervised Play
If your kids are looking to run around without constraint, we prefer to use a DEET free bug spray to keep those pesky “skeeters” at bay. There are plenty of good options available, including this variety from babyganics, which is made with natural ingredients. You will need to apply more every so often, so these types of sprays are the best choice when your kids are nearby.

For Relaxing in One Spot
Any parent that’s tried to wrangle even one, if not several kids to apply more bug spray knows it’s never the easiest task. Instead, a great solution when everyone is hunkered down in one spot is a citronella candle. This is the perfect solution to ensure any bug-free outdoor activity! A candle only affects so much area around it though, so for larger spaces like a patio, make sure you have enough candles to protect the whole area.

A Wearable Option
A great option we’ve found recently are these adorable slap-on bracelets that release a mosquito repellent throughout the day. We find that they’re often less of a hassle than bug sprays because you don’t have to apply them to multiple areas or worry about spraying on more as the day goes by. Plus, with such cute shapes, our kids are happy to put them on and keep them on. We’ve had good results so far, but you may want to keep an eye on your kids to make sure their bracelet doesn’t fall off!