Kindness in the Classroom

two kids reading

The time has come for you to get your kids ready to go back to school. Along with making sure that they have their school supplies and back-to-school wardrobe ready, it’s always a great idea to give them a few tips on how to make friends and be kind in their new class. Even if your child is returning to the same school, they’ll likely be seeing new faces and making new friends!

Here are some ways that your child can promote Kindness in the Classroom:

1. After a long 3 months off for summer, everyone is excited to see who’s in their class. You can encourage your child to get to know their desk neighbors. When they come home from school ask them about the kids who sit near them. What are their names? What did they do over the summer? This may prompt your kids to interact with their classmates and become friends.

2. The lunchroom can be very loud and overwhelming. It can be a great idea to encourage your kids to invite new kids to sit with them at the lunch table. This small act of kindness will encourage the new friend to talk to a new group of kids and also encourage the kids to be welcoming…and they just may gain a great new friend!

3. Keep it positive. Teach your kids to celebrate not only their successes, but the successes of their friends and classmates. It will not only help to keep the positivity up in class, but will show others that your child is friendly and kind. It will also help the teacher to maintain a happy and healthy classroom.

4. The start of a new school year is exciting for students, as well as teachers. Have your kids make the new year a little extra special by writing a letter to their teacher. It can be an introductory letter telling the teacher a little bit about your child to not only help the teacher but make your child feel more comfortable from day one!