Learn to Check the Weather

As anyone who’s had to dig themselves out of a snow storm knows, six more weeks of winter is serious business. That famous critter Punxsutawney Phil is known for his predictions about the coming weather, but is he always right? This fun activity will teach your little one some important weather concepts while they investigate the truth.

To start, just download our included worksheet to record your local conditions every day for the next few weeks. The helpful sheet includes boxes for important data like the temperature, precipitation and weather conditions so they can track everyday just like a real meteorologist. We’ve found that filling out the sheet is the perfect time to teach your kids useful skills like how to read a thermometer and a rain gauge if you have one available.

Have no fear if you don’t have these tools, you can also look the information up each day from the National Weather Service at www.weather.gov. This can be a great time to teach your kids some important skills about internet research and evaluating sources, which will be essential tools for future school projects.

Once the worksheet is complete, check your answers against the average temperatures for your area to determine who was right -you or the groundhog! No matter what the outcome is, you’re sure to have a great time along the way!

Download Weather Tracker Worksheet