Love the Little Things

It’s February, and symbols of love are everywhere once again. What symbols do you automatically think of during this season? Bouquets, bears, balloons, boxes of candy and even jewelry can come to mind. As parents, we know wonderful things come in small packages and shared moments, but that may be difficult to convey during a holiday where people like making grand gestures to demonstrate their love. While using a lot of resources to show love can make anyone feel special, parents may not be able to show love in that way all the time. By making magic out of the small moments and loving the little things, we get to show our little ones the profound impact of being mindful and caring every day.

One thing we can all practice is reflection. Asking questions that are more than upkeep (How was your day?/Was school good?) can help the whole family delve into the magic of the everyday. For instance, asking yourself and your child, “What was the best part of today?” and waiting for a good answer can really help everybody examine their days and find the best in each one. If you or your little one have been going through hardships, you can always change the question or ask “What are you grateful for today?”. This question is especially good before bed time, because you get to focus on each day before going to sleep. Over time, this can help you and your family practice gratitude and being present. You probably won’t remember small everyday annoyances over time, so celebrate the little things that make you smile instead.

Speaking of smiles, what were some of the situations where you created some of the best memories with your child? We bet it was when things weren’t typically “perfect” or according to plan. That’s completely okay. Taking a break in your schedule to notice flowers, jump in puddles, or dance silly can help you create some of your best treasured memories. Enjoy the little moments of fun presented to you and forget about judgement or getting your hands or clothes dirty. Sometimes bending the rules when we need to can lead to some of the most gleeful experiences. When you’re done, don’t forget to say “I had so much fun with you,” or “I love having fun with you” to really let your little one know that these unplanned moments are precious.

While these are all solutions you can commit to every day, you can also commit to certain simple family traditions for Valentine’s Day. Do you prepare small Valentines for your children? Making a card by hand and giving it to your child can show them you care without spending too much money. Putting a lot of thought into a card or message that tells your child you love and value them can show them love exists in seemingly “small” gestures too. Also, doing something special just for them can really help them feel the love. Try taking a walk with just them or going for ice cream and listening to everything they say. These little actions also show them you value and appreciate the fun moments you two have every day. If you have more than one child, it may be harder to show them this individual attention, but it can mean the world to them.

There are so many different ways to celebrate the little things in life, and we were glad we could mention some of them here. We know you and your family already have some of your own traditions in place, and we love hearing about them. Please share your moments with us on social media! We do believe that these great experiences make for the best memories. All of us at Juicy Juice wish you and your family a Valentine’s Day filled with love and smiles.