Lunchbox Tips: 5 Healthy Kid-Friendly Meals

Lunchbox Tips: 5 Healthy Kid-Friendly Meals

It’s never easy getting back to the daily morning routine of getting the little one’s ready, packing healthy school lunches and bolting to the bus stop (on time)! Stress aside, we know you cherish these moments because there’s nothing more special than preparing your kids for a successful school year. An important factor for ensuring a victorious school year is making sure your children have nutritious meals that boost their energy while keeping them alert throughout the day. If you’ve been looking for healthier kid-friendly meals to pack your little one’s this year, then you’ll love these five ideas:

Low-Sodium Turkey and Cheese Roll-Ups

Not only are cheese roll-ups easy to pack but they are a hit with the kids. They love them! Throw a few of these in their lunchbox and pair them with fruits and their favorite flavor of Juicy Juice.

Pasta Salads

Whether spaghetti or penne—kids love pasta! Pasta salads are super quick and easy to make, you can throw in all your child’s favorites (corn, carrots, etc.) to make it tasty and fun!

Bean and Cheese Wrap

Wraps are always a fun and tasty alternative to sandwiches. Consider making a delicious bean and cheese wrap with a side of salsa dip for your little one’s lunchbox—they’ll love it!

Whole Wheat Ham and Cheese Sandwich

We’re sure your little one will request this sandwich at least a few times during the school year. Don’t be afraid to use whole wheat bread and pair it with a healthy snack like apple sauce or homemade granola!

Classic Tuna Salad on Multigrain Roll

With lettuce and mayo—the classic tuna salad on a yummy multigrain roll never fails! It’s a kid classic that can be paired with their favorite Juicy Juice flavor and snack.