Mix & Match Lunch Inspiration

If you are packing lunchboxes for your kids every day, it can quickly become an overwhelming process. Constantly coming up with new kid-friendly food options is difficult for even the most creative sous chef, let alone a busy parent.

One way to stay inspired is by breaking lunch foods up into simple categories like Veggies, Fruits, Carbs, Proteins and Dairy. Make a list of foods your kids love within these food groups. Then, simply mix and match each day to avoid repeats. Here are some possible lists:

• Sliced Peppers
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Carrot Sticks
• Snap Peas
• Cucumber Slices
• Sweet Corn
• Celery Sticks
• Broccoli

• Grapes
• Strawberries
• Melon Cubes
• Apple Slices
• Peeled Orange
• Raisins
• Dried Cranberries
• Dried Apple Rings
• Sliced Bananas

• Crackers
• Pretzels
• Noodles
• Popcorn
• Rice
• Granola
• Rice Cakes
• Cereal

• Chicken Breast
• Deli Turkey
• Hard Boiled Egg
• Chickpeas
• Almonds
• Salami
• Nut-Based Trail Mix

• String Cheese
• Cheddar Cubes
• Swiss Cubes
• Pepper Jack Cubes
• Mozzarella Cubes
• Yogurt

After you choose one from each of the five categories, use cupcake liners for easy portions. Pair with a Juicy Juice™ juice box and lunch becomes a breeze!