Mom Hacks for Beach Trips!

Safe summer fun means sun protection and staying cool. While Juicy Juice has you covered when it comes to a refreshing drink, this parent hack is just what you need for keeping your littles ones shaded and nearby at the beach. As parents, we understand the challenges of applying sunscreen and keeping a close eye on our young children, especially in the open space of the beach. You may be thinking, “how do you get the kiddos to play under an umbrella and/or in the shade?”

Create play zones & activity areas under the umbrella or shade:

  1. Bury your largest buckets and pails in the sand in the shaded area
  2. Fill these buckets and pails with ocean water using another bucket or container
  3. Provide your children with smaller toys to play with in the bucket and pails

Voila! You have essentially created a water table experience for your children at the beach! Your children can enjoy keeping cool and splashing around with smaller pails, watering cans, shovels or bath toys. Using your smaller beach toys or objects you find at the beach, you can explore what sinks or floats. You can encourage your children to try passing water between a full and empty bucket. No matter how they play, this parent hack is guaranteed to keep kiddos entertained, cool, shaded, and nearby!