Share the Joy of Giving

The holidays can be busy and hectic for parents, while kids are eagerly counting down the days till they can unwrap their presents. That said, this time of year is about so much more than just receiving gifts. It’s about giving back and spending time reconnecting with loved ones.

Here’s a list of a few ways to teach your little ones the true meaning of the holidays:

1. Volunteer as a Family

Volunteering is an easy and fulfilling way for your family to give back. They’ll see first-hand how other families might not enjoy the same luxuries they do. Volunteering together creates lasting memories and also helps you model good behavior for impressionable little ones.

Find a volunteering opportunity in your area like a food bank or clothing drive. Have your little ones pick out some of their favorite food at the grocery store and deliver to your local foodbank. Or help them clear out their closet for old clothes or toys that can be donated.

2. Write “Thank You” Notes

In all the excitement to unwrap their gifts, your little ones can sometimes forget those two very important words—“Thank You”. Teach them how to be gracious and reflect on what this present means to them by sitting down as a family and writing personalized “Thank You” notes to relatives. Don’t forget to include some great family photos with these notes!

3. Reconnect with Your Community

The holidays are a time to come together as a community and spread joy. It’s the perfect time to get your kiddos outside to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. This time of year is filled with easy community activities to do as a family like local charity drives, tree lighting ceremonies, or caroling groups. You could even bring them to a senior home or stop by an old neighbor and brighten up someone’s day!

4. Holiday Home Helpers

Every parent knows how hard it is to get your little ones to clean up around the house and the holidays are no exception. From tracking snow indoors to tree trimmings that’ll stick around your house ‘till the summer, you’ll need all the help you can get keeping order. Have your children help out with holiday chores like watering the tree or sweeping up. And don’t forget to tell your little ones how appreciative you are and how great of a job they’ve done!

You could even give them something like candy canes, hot cocoa, or Juicy Juice as a reward for their hard work.

5. Give Homemade Gifts

Your kiddos have probably filled their wish lists with the latest toys and gadgets, but the real meaning of giving can be lost amongst the latest and greatest “it presents.” Sit down for some holiday crafts to show your little one the value of making something by hand and how it can mean even more than a store-bought gift. To make the experience even better, help your little one personalize these handcrafted gifts for individual family members.

This is a great way to show the special family and friends of your little ones how much they mean to your kids and start a holiday tradition. And of course, don’t forget the Juicy Juice!