Splash into Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is often associated with romance, it’s also the perfect opportunity to teach your little ones how to express their gratitude and appreciation for those around them. Perhaps it’s a teacher who inspires and pushes them to be great or their closest friends.

Making sure your little one has a memorable and special Valentine’s Day is as simple as it is fun. Below are some thought-starters to help your little one share the love.

Help with the Cards:

Everyone should feel part of the Valentine’s Day love, and nothing says “I love you” like a homemade card. Making Valentine’s cards can be a fast, easy and fun way to get your little one in the spirit. Heart-shaped cards and candies are always a good start but feel free to add extra love by helping your little ones decorate the cards with non-toxic markers and a thoughtful (or funny) message. You can even get a little playful and glue pipe-cleaner hearts to your cards or use glitter to add some flare and sparkle.

Get Some Info:

Ensure that you have the class list so your little one brings a card for each of his/her classmates. It’s a good idea to supply him/her with a few extra just in case. Find out what popular movies, books and games your kid’s classmates are excited about. This will give you an idea how to theme the Valentine’s Day cards. If you are pressed for time, simply buy a package your little one recommends and help them embellish.

Don’t Forget the Teacher:

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love, it’s also about letting people know that you appreciate them and what they contribute to your life. Let the little ones’ teacher know that you care with something from the heart. This gift to teacher does not need to be over the top. An apple is always a classic or you can go with a small box of candy. With teachers, you don’t have to go overboard…it is the thought that counts!

Give a Juicy Juice:

Nothing says I love and appreciate you quite like a Juicy Juice Splasherspouch! Many classrooms have small Valentine’s Day parties to exchange cards or an extended snack time. Pack your little one a few extra pouches to share. If you have enough Splashers to go around, paste the little one’s cards right onto the pouches and give them as special Valentine’s gifts for the whole class. It’s sure to return as much love to your little one as they have to give and we know it’s a ton!