Stuff the Turkey Game

This Thanksgiving we know mom and dad will be busy in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family and guests. So, we came up with the perfect indoor game to keep your little ones busy! Even if they don’t help in the kitchen, here’s a fun way for your kids to “stuff a turkey”. You’ll need just a few materials to create this craft:

Tissue paper or newspaper
1 Sheet of white paper
1 large paper bag
2 small paper bags

Step One:

Gather your materials.

Step Two:

Cut the handles off your large shopping bag. This will be the turkey’s body.

Step Three:

Stuff the two small shopping bags with tissue paper or newspaper and twist the ends to form the turkey’s legs.

Step Four:

Take a strip of white paper and tape it around the twisted end of the turkey’s legs!

Step Five:

You can use glue or tape to attach your turkey’s legs to the body.

Now you’re ready to play stuff the turkey! See how many times you can stuff the bag by aiming balled up paper or newspaper inside.