Take A Summer “Staycation”

Who said you have to travel far and wide to relax and enjoy summer vacation? Your kids will feel right at home…right at home. With these fun-in-the-sun activities, there’s no excuse NOT to have fun!

Your Staycation Starts Now!

Get Down!
Free outdoor summer concerts are popular in most towns. And it’s a chance for kids to be exposed to all kinds of music, from swing to rock and even the tunes you listened to when you were a kid. Check your local library or town hall for more information.

Visit a local museum.
Touring any museum is a fun way to promote learning. Try to find a museum that displays something that interests your kids, such as a comic book museum, a children’s museum or an aquarium. If they’re interested in the material, they will be genuinely excited to visit. You both might even learn something you didn’t know!

Check out a nearby beach, lake or local pool.
You don’t have to travel to the tropical islands to have a good time. Just packing a picnic, playing in the sun and splashing around in the water lets your kids enjoy the fun of the beach. They might even discover cool seashells and new creatures.

Sleep Under the Stars.
Whether you camp outside in your backyard, or find a place to pitch your tent at a local public park, sleeping outdoors gives families a chance to bond with no TVs, video games or cell phones (for them and you).

What’s new at the zoo?
Find out! Kids can learn a lot about animals at the zoo, especially if you have a tour guide. Instead of just learning from books, this day trip will give kids the opportunity to see, firsthand, what the animals eat, how they behave and in which habitats they live.

Rediscover your own city or town.
Go online and order visitor’s guides to your city and nearby cities. You’ll be surprised at how many tourist spots are within a 50-mile radius. After each location your family visits, encourage open conversation about what your kids have learned.