Teaching Your Kids Their Colors

Teaching Your Kids Their ColorsFor parents, teaching your kids colors can be a surprisingly difficult task. Even if your kiddos are counting up to 10, saying a few of their abc’s or shouting “doggie” at every one they see (and we do mean EVERY dog,) actually identifying what color an object is can still trip them up. That’s because colors are an abstract concept that go beyond simple memorization. While it sounds complicated, we’ve got some great, simple activities that will have your kids naming the colors of objects in no time!

Pick the Same Types of Objects
Imagine for a second that you’re a child. Your mom picks up a red ball and a green vase to teach you the differences between the two colors. But wait a second, does she mean that all balls are called “reds” and vases are called “greens?” Unfortunately, for children it’s an easy mistake to make and one their parents might not even realize. That’s why we recommend using the same object in different colors for your lessons rather than two different objects with different colors. It’s also good to rotate between different types of objects to help your children understand that the color red doesn’t only apply to balls!

Play with Paint
Another great way to teach the colors is to let your kids go hands-on with some finger paint. By adding this element of art, creativity and even play, you can keep your toddlers engaged while still teaching this important lesson. Try having your kids name each color as they dip a finger into it and then try asking them again once the paint is dried. If they decide to paint a simple object like the sun, you can also try asking what color that object typically is.

Turn the Dining Room into a Classroom
Another fun way to give kids a refresher on their colors is with dinner. Try preparing meals with splashes of color so that kids have a chance to call out those green peas and orange carrots. This also works great at snack times when you hand your kids their favorite Juicy Juice box. The colorful boxes have plenty of different colors for kids to name and getting to enjoy the juice box afterwards is a perfect reward for a good job!