Thanksgiving Bingo Game

This Thanksgiving be sure to include the entire family in some fun after dinner with Thanksgiving Bingo! This game is perfect for enjoying the rest of the day with one another. It is an easy game to play and every family member from grandma to the little one will know how to play it! Here’s what you’ll need to get the game started:

Different Thanksgiving Bingo Game Board Templates
Thanksgiving Bingo Card Pieces
Juicy Juice bottle caps

Step One
We made eight different Thanksgiving Bingo game board templates just for you and your family! Make sure each player has a different board. Print out Thanksgiving Bingo game templates for each player! See a link to the PDFs above.

Step Two
Once printed, cut the Bingo board game out.

Step Three
Print out the Bingo card pieces (from the link above), cut out the pieces, and shuffle them.

To play the game, the Bingo caller will pull out an image and show it to the players. If the player has the shown image on their board, they will cover it with their Juicy Juice bottle cap. This will be repeated until a player calls Bingo. The player can only call Bingo if they have images covered vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Now you’re ready to play Thanksgiving Bingo!