The Start of Something New

With the new year comes a fresh start. Whether it’s in the form of resolutions or just a positive commitment to try more new things this year—consider getting your kids in on the fun.

This year think about reframing the role of resolutions for your family and kids. Check out our tangible tips, creative ideas and practical inspiration to encourage your kiddos to try something new this year in a fresh and fun way.


Simple and achievable ideas to inspire kids to try “something new”

Fresh foods for the finicky eater

Has your toddler’s will-eat list shrunk to the size of a typical kids’ menu? Need kid-friendly inspiration to introduce a new fruit or veggie?  Get hands on in the kitchen with your kids. Chat about what they already like and make a list of foods they might like to try. Increase their interest by shopping together and picking out one new produce item that piques their curiosity—then try it in a familiar recipe like a pizza face or a fruit smoothie made with Juicy Juice.

Chores challenge

Trying out a new chore is a great way to empower kids and to help them feel needed and useful around the house. Come up with ideas that are age-appropriate and engaging. Younger kiddos could help with putting toys away while older kids could help clear or set the table and make their own bed. Once you make a list of a few new chores create a fun way to track your child’s progress with our Chore Chart craft.

Eco-friendly experiences

Try something new that helps the planet. Discuss with your kids the little ways that they can make a big difference for the Earth. Maybe it’s starting a recycling routine at home or filling the bath tub only half way to conserve water and avoid any messes.

A new view

Kids love to express their creativity and feel empowered when they get to change their own living spaces. Try switching up just a few things, like moving their bed to a new angle, placing their desk in front of a different window or hanging a new picture to give you kiddos a fresh look in their bedroom or playroom.  You could even paint a wall with chalkboard paint!

Doodle something new

Encourage your child to release their inner artist and try drawing something new. Whether it’s from their own imagination or a drawing of their favorite character, there are a lot of great instructional videos online that are super kid-friendly and go step-by-step.

Make boredom boxes

Challenge your kiddos (and yourself!) to try something new when boredom hits. Instead of plugging straight into the tablet or TV, give your child the priceless lesson of facing boredom head on with some creativity. Boredom boxes are a great way to build in free play based on your child’s age, abilities and attention span, so you aren’t always the CEO (Chief Entertainer On-Demand). Fill shoeboxes with age-appropriate art supplies; clothes and accessories for dress-up pretend play; or puzzles for instant “mini entertainment centers”.

Helping your kids to try new things in this “fresh-start” season of the year can be fun and meaningful for the whole family. With each attempt at something new, they’ll learn more about themselves and their world and learn to get outside their comfort zone and grow. And, remember, it’s totally okay if it’s not perfect the first time.