Unique Beach Experiences

Unique Beach Experiences
Picture this, it’s your family’s big beach trip and you’ve already done it all: you’ve built a small city of sand castles, you’ve had enough dips in the ocean to last you through the year, and the kite you bought has already broken free and was last seen flying over state lines. So, what now? While you could spend the rest of the trip at the beach house watching your kid’s favorite movie for the third time this week, we’ve got some great ideas to spice up your beach time and provide some unforgettable experiences.

Go Shelling Like a Pro
Everybody picks up shells at the beach, in fact, your child’s suitcase probably has a sand filled pocket full of last year’s haul. To make your next trip even better, we’ve got some great ideas to help. Our biggest tip is timing. While a big summer storm will no doubt send you running for the car, the period right after the rain stops can be a great time to find prized shells that just washed up. Another great choice is to check the tide charts and go just before or just after low tide. If you’re staying at a popular beach, it’s also important to get out as early as possible, otherwise you might find the beach picked clean.

Watch the Sea Turtles Hatch
Watching dozens of adorable little sea turtles break out of their shells and head down to the water for the first time is one of the most magical beach experiences you can have. Stretching from the shores of North Carolina all the way down to Texas, sea turtles lay their eggs in the warm summer sands, which will hatch after about 60 days. In many places volunteer groups will be on hand to control crowds and help the turtles find their way to the water, but always make sure to stand back and give the turtles plenty of space. While it requires a bit of luck to vacation just when the turtles hatch, it can be an unforgettable experience.

Amateur Marine Biology
Don’t worry if you’re not at a location with sea turtles, the beach is full of fascinating wildlife that only gets better with a little observation. One great game is to ask your children to count as many different types of animals as they can. While there’s nothing cuter than seeing your kids following tracks in the sand left by crabs and seagulls, it can be a valuable learning opportunity too. For even more fun, spend several minutes observing each animal to see how they fit into the beach ecosystem.