Your Family’s Summer Bucket List

With summer finally here, your head is no doubt spinning with plans for the warm weather. Beach days, backyard BBQs and flying kites – with so much to do, it can be easy to fall into the trap of not doing much at all. That’s why we recommend creating your own summer bucket list to ensure that you and your family always have a fun activity to try and countless memories to start the school year with!

Start Your List

The first step of assembling the perfect list is to host a family brainstorm. Gather everyone together around a notebook and take turns listing off activities you’d like to try. Make sure that everyone gets a chance to list their ideas and don’t be afraid to build off of each other. The magic of a brainstorm is that a suggestion to blow bubbles can lead to an awesome plan to play in the sprinkler! To help get started, here are some activities we’re planning to enjoy:

  • Arranging a picnic
  • Running barefoot in the grass
  • Camping in the backyard
  • Visiting the beach or a lake
  • Playing tag
  • Stargazing
  • Playing catch
  • Using sidewalk chalk
  • Assembling a puzzle
  • Going fishing
  • Playing with dolls or action figures outside
  • Dressing up like your favorite characters
  • Going to the playground
  • Playing with water balloons
  • Visiting a children’s museum

Pick the Perfect Activity

With so many great activities it can be tricky to choose. While you can always work down the list in order, another great way to avoid “analysis paralysis” is to try our Summer Activity Picker. Learn how to make yours here: https://current-juicy-juice.local/activity/summer-activity-picker/