Piggy Bank

Your kids will see how rewarding it is to save their allowances with these homemade piggy banks. Follow the instructions below:


– Pink acrylic paint

– Pink and white construction paper

– Pink pipe cleaner (optional)

– Empty Juicy Juice bottle, clean and dried

– Glue stick

– Scissors (child safe and normal)

– Precision knife (parents use only)

– Black marker


1. Parents, use the precision knife to cut the hole on the side of the empty Juicy Juice bottle

2. Paint the entire bottle pink and let dry, leave the bottle cap white

3. Trace and cut a larger rounded triangle on the pink paper, then trace and cut a smaller rounded triangle on the white paper and glue the white cut-outs to the pink cut-outs

4. Cut 2 pink circles for the nose

5. Glue the pink circles to the bottle cap top for the nose

6. Make your pig’s tail by cutting a thin strip of pink paper, curl it around your finger or use a pink pipe cleaner

7. Draw two small circles in black marker on the bottle for the eyes (make sure it’s on the same side as the coin hole

8. Above the eyes, glue the base of the ears (pink and white cut-outs)

9. Finally, glue the end of the curled pink strip of paper or pink pipe cleaner to the very end for the tail.

10. Let the glue dry and add your change.


25 minutes to construct, then allow 30-45 minutes to dry