Juicy Jingle Punch


Four 4.23 oz boxes or 2 cups Apple Juicy Juice 100% Juice
Yellow food coloring

Blue food coloring
2 cans seltzer water
Red sugar sprinkles (optional)
1 whole lime
1 ice tray

Step One
Gather your materials.

Step Two
Prep your ingredients. Slice your lime and put half of the slices to the side for garnish. Pour your apple juice and seltzer water into separate containers for easy pouring. Next, put the cranberries in the ice tray and pour water over them. Keep the ice tray in the freezer until your cubes are frozen solid.

Step Three
When your cranberry ice is solid, combine it and your other ingredients, except for your food coloring and sprinkles, in one pitcher.

Step Four
Grab your serving glasses and dampen the rims with water. Garnish your cup with the red sugar sprinkles on a plate and press the rim of your glasses into the sprinkles to create sugar rims. Next, put a drop each of yellow and blue food coloring in the bottom of every glass. Pour your delicious punch and serve!