Juicy Juice Apple Cider

There’s no better way to warm up this time of year than with a comforting glass of cider. Use Apple Juicy Juice 100% juice to make this yummy seasonal treat. Makes eight, one cup servings.


1 64oz bottle of Apple Juicy Juice 100% juice
3 cinnamon sticks (plus additional for garnish)
2 whole oranges, peel included
10 cloves


  1. Wash oranges in cold water and chop into fourths
  2. Combine cinnamon sticks, oranges, cloves and Apple Juicy Juice 100% juice in a saucepan
  3. Simmer over low heat for ten minutes, never letting the mixture boil
  4. Remove oranges and allow cider to cool a bit
  5. Serve in a mug with a cinnamon stick for garnish
  6. Pour the remaining cider in a pitcher and store in the refrigerator for later