Lunch Box Witches Brooms

There are countless ways to get in the spooky spirit this season! One look at our lunchbox brooms will get your little ones’ eyes to widen—in excitement. With only three ingredients, this snack is simple, fun and perfect for parties or the playground. As always, don’t forget to enjoy with a box of refreshing Juicy Juice!

String cheese
Pretzel sticks
Whole chives

Step One
Gather your materials and family, if you prefer. The little ones are absolutely able to help you with this snack.

Step Two
Cut the string cheese sticks in half crosswise. These will form the bristles of your brooms. Then, insert one end of a pretzel stick into the end of the cheese you did not cut. After the pretzel is in place, shred the cheese about halfway from the other end. You have just made your broom.

Step Three
To secure the cheese and add a bit of flavor, tie the cheese with an uncut chive. You have added your garnish, and your broom is now complete! Remember to pack this little snackhack with your little one’s favorite flavor of Juicy Juice 100% juice.